Audio and Video Conversion for Drama

online convert com

There are some great websites out there for audio and video conversion which are very handy if your drama students wish to incorporate multimedia in a class or school theatre performance.

Online conversion reigns supreme simply because it is browser-based and works irrespective of your device’s operating system. You simply locate the file from your computer (eg. mp3 audio), choose the conversion output (eg. wav audio), upload it to the website’s servers, wait a minute for the conversion to take place, then download the converted file back to your computer.

I have found when a drama class is performing student-devised ensemble performances (all with multimedia) it can be a nightmare grabbing audio and video files in different formats and determining whether a device’s applications will play all the different files in a technical rehearsal. So why not insist your students convert all their audio files to mp3 and video files to mp4 (or similar) before you get to the tech run? This may just make life a little easier. is a great website that goes beyond free audio and video conversion. It also converts images, ebooks, documents and more. Just as impressive is the comprehensive range of file formats available. For example, will convert your file to nine different audio formats and over a dozen video formats including those needed for various mobile devices.

If you have your own favourite audio and/or video conversion website that you’d like to share with others, feel free to paste it into the comments section below.

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