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  1. Hi Justin,
    your site is great and this is very interesting. I personally don’t like rubrics either and your criteria sheet is very helpful indeed.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Justin,

    Thanks for your rubric comments. I teach music at a local Catholic PreK-8th grade school. Part of my curriculum is to teach drama. Rubrics would be very helpful. Do you have any rubrics for grading effort and specific content? Anything would be welcome. Thank you.

  3. Hi Caitey,

    At my non-Government (Catholic) school, while we do adhere to AusVels in regard to the expected level of the child at a certain stage in their schooling, to my knowledge we do not use rubrics that include differentiation. Certain students meet strict criteria to be on an Individual Learning Program and receive modified tasks for assessment and modified reports in various subjects, but other than that, all students receive the same assessment that shows only the criteria and expected outcomes for the year level they are currently undertaking.

  4. Hi Justin

    I am just wondering how this works in regards to the VELS or AusVels, where we mark according to whether a student is below, at or above the expected level? Letter grades are largely a headache for government schools where we have to give a kid a grade that includes differentiation. So despite a student meeting all the criteria that is expected of them at that year level, they are still unable to get anything above a C grade. an A grade says you are two years above your peers. In terms of this it is entirely necessary to use rubrics which show three year levels of criteria rather than just the one. So while I am not a huge fan of the standard rubric ( under each section of the rubric I place an area for feedback) my question is, how do you account for differentiation in your classes and at a private school, do you even have to?


  5. Hi Jade,

    I have created an example and have published it as a pdf at the bottom of the post, above. Hope it helps.


  6. Jade Kemp says:

    Hi Justin,

    can you show a sample of how you present your feedback with the criteria. I am not a fan of rubrics either.