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3 years ago

the article was really interesting i really liked it and it really helped a lot

3 years ago

awesome thank you

Asigbee Akpene Ama
6 years ago

The article helped a lot. Continue the good work.! ????

6 years ago

This really helped me out thank you

Mark McDaniel
7 years ago

What are some famous performances of German Drama History?

7 years ago

Good work… More grease to your elbow

8 years ago

its easy and amazing…thank u so much sir….

8 years ago

This really helped me with my monologue that I have to use one non-naturalistic theatrical style in. My teacher suggested expressionism but there wasn’t much in my book about the conventions. Thank you so so much! I always come here to find any information, such a good source!

8 years ago

Was this type of theatre popular? How did people react to it?

Roger Grainger
8 years ago

Is it possible to get hold of a printed copy of Justin Cash’s 2014 article? I only have an iPad, and can’t print off it!
Roger Grainger,
8 Beach Cottages,
Achill Island,
Republic of Ireland

Reply to  Roger Grainger
8 years ago

You can print directly from the webpage, I’m not sure if this article appears in printed format. I’m unsure if an iPad can be connected to a regular printer, how about you look into it? If so, you could print from there. Hope this helps!

(ps. Thank you so much for this article, Justin! I’m currently composing a paper on theatre regarding the German expressionist movement and 1920’s Vienna, so this has helped hugely. If anyone has any other suggestions on further reading, I’d appreciate it so much!)