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  1. This really helped me with my monologue that I have to use one non-naturalistic theatrical style in. My teacher suggested expressionism but there wasn’t much in my book about the conventions. Thank you so so much! I always come here to find any information, such a good source!

  2. Is it possible to get hold of a printed copy of Justin Cash’s 2014 article? I only have an iPad, and can’t print off it!
    Roger Grainger,
    8 Beach Cottages,
    Achill Island,
    Republic of Ireland

    1. You can print directly from the webpage, I’m not sure if this article appears in printed format. I’m unsure if an iPad can be connected to a regular printer, how about you look into it? If so, you could print from there. Hope this helps!

      (ps. Thank you so much for this article, Justin! I’m currently composing a paper on theatre regarding the German expressionist movement and 1920’s Vienna, so this has helped hugely. If anyone has any other suggestions on further reading, I’d appreciate it so much!)