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4 years ago

Who wrote this article?

5 years ago

thanks this really helped my homework on slapstick comedy

5 years ago

Just a quick question, when was this article posted?

The Drama student
6 years ago

This really helped with my homework; thanks!

10 years ago

very good answer

Student drama teacher
13 years ago

Hey Justin/thedramateacher,

I’m currently putting together a unit on pantomime and wanted to do a lesson on slapstick. Are there any good activities/tasks/games you would recommend for teaching slapstick to a group of 14-15 year olds?

Marine Dumortier
14 years ago

Hello thedramateacher
My name is Marine Dumortier and I am a High School Junior at the International School of Brussels in Belgium. I take an IB Theatre Higher class and we have been studying Commedia Dell’Arte for the past few months. I read the article “Slapstick” and found it very interesting and useful. To conclude our study of Commedia, we are required to write a paper on a topic of our choice. I have chosen to speak of Arlecchino’s props, mask, and costume. I was wondering if you could give me some additional information his use of props? Or any other information you may know about his costume (color, texture) and/or mask (color, shape, texture, use)? You would be a great help!
Thank you for your time,
Marine Dumortier